Four Methods for Excellent Rice

Rice is a classic side dish that has most likely stood the test of time because it is so inexpensive. I love the versatility of rice, and even the different varieties. Anytime a meal feels lacking or a little incomplete, rice is a simple pantry staple that can fill the void and the tummy.

Here are four awesome ways to cook a flavorful side of rice. If you are buying white rice, I recommend buying the Jasmine variety. I usually look for brands that list one ingredient (rice).

My favorite is a classic rice pilaf from Martha Stewart. Don’t be fooled. This may look simple but the flavor has major wow factor. It’s delicately scented with butter, onions, and a bay leaf, and the combination is heavenly.


This next one I love because I start it before prepping the rest of dinner, and it just cooks away happily and is ready about the time I’ve finished preparing everything else. *Note: To amp up the flavor, I use chicken stock or vegetable stock instead of water sometimes.

Perfect Brown Rice


This Mexican Rice is the shiz. I love it so. It gets that nice deep color from a little bit of tomato paste.


Yellow rice is something I adore. It’s pretty much a must-have with any latin dish. Arroz con pollo is a favorite of mine. But buying that tasty little bag of VIGO Yellow Rice is just not something I do, because of the MSG. This is one of the better recipes I have found for a homemade version that gets pretty close. Don’t forget to add salt!

Yellow Rice side

Rice doesn’t have to be bland, blank and boring. These recipes will surprise the eaters at your table and show off your culinary skills. Get creative and add some beans or a little shredded meat on your rice and you’ve instantly stretched your food for pennies.

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