Link List 3.0

Here in Florida, we are soaking in the passing tropical storm, so I thought I would share a list for you to get click-happy on.

An intriguing article on the early days of Pinterest, and how sheer dumb luck turned a few ordinary Pinners into big-shots and money makers.

A fun and silly quiz on whether or not you should buy a spiralizer. (This has confirmed that I should take the plunge)

I’ve got some nostalgic ties to this one. I just love my memories of lunching at the department store with my grandmother. This article reminisces on the somewhat bygone tradition.

Casino . A fun, two-player card game! A lot of game details but it is actually easy to catch on.

I just settled on this new tea kettle. I researched for ages and couldn’t find an electric kettle without the hazard of plastic components inside. Secondarily, so many of the cute enamel tea pots peeled or scalded over time. This glass one can be put directly on your stove top and has a super fine tea strainer. I have even used it as an alternative to french pressing coffee. It’s a tiny 24 ounces, but works well for me. I don’t think I’ve ever boiled water for more than 3 cups of tea or coffee anyway.



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