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My week consisted of attempting to thrift store shop while both kids had meltdowns, a stomach virus (for me), and more dirty pull-ups than I care to count from a 4 year old that refuses to be potty trained. How was yours?

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I just finished reading this book and was pleasantly surprised by it. I had low expectations because I don’t like how celebrities today try to have a foot in every industry, so I thought: “Really? Chip and Joanna wrote a book? I doubt it’s that good.” I’m here to confess that if you have watched the show even a few times, then you can absolutely read their personality, Texas accents and facial expressions into every word on those pages. It was entertaining! I laughed out loud more than once! My jaw even dropped a few times at some of those hard to believe Chip moments. It was also encouraging to know that every couple is really just “a normal couple” with their struggles and their victories. It was a really sweet tale of their journey in life and a faith-filled testament to God’s sovereign provision. I was also struck by the harmony in their marriage that stemmed from Joanna’s choice to follow Chip’s lead…even when it was truly difficult.

I recently made these 3-Ingredient Biscuits for breakfast one morning and holy-moly they were easy and delicious!

I listened to a rather interesting and thought-provoking discussion on the art of giving gifts.

You know I love a GOOD ground beef recipe. Well this one has been consumed in our house numerous times and is still a favorite. I usually halve the recipe.

Bra issues? I have found this troubleshooting guide to be quite helpful at pointing me to a solution.


I bought this book for my 2 year old son for Christmas and I have to say, the quality of writing alone was worth more than $5! It is the cutest collection of poems about all sorts of trucks and construction vehicles. It very cleverly describes how each of them operate and I was surprised to find that it included many I did not even know the names of! This is definitely a worthwhile purchase for your tot’s library and would make a lovely gift.


This is next on my personal reading list.


Have a restful weekend!

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  1. Natalie @ Milk & Honey Faith says:

    I’m in love with Chip and Joanna! I’m also reading their book Magnolia Story and couldn’t agree with you more. It’s fun and inspirational! I’d love it if you joined me in a Facebook Group for Christian Bloggers called “By His Grace Bloggers”. We’d love to have you!

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