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Link List 6.0Recently I’ve made an effort to eat fewer grains, simply because I feel so much better (less bloated, faster metabolism) when I limit them. That goal has led me on a search for grain free recipes. I’ve found some pretty tasty ones, but if you have any you really like, please share them with me in the comments!

I am in love with this Apple Cinnamon PALEO Hot “Cereal” from Paleo Running Momma. It was honestly like eating apple cobbler for breakfast, but it’s healthy! *shocking news* even my husband (the skeptic) liked it.

Have you tried sweet potato “toast” yet? It may not be toast, but hey, it’s a pretty great vehicle for toppings like almond butter and bananas, or avocado and lemon zest. It fills my belly and checks that grain-free box!

These Turkey Zucchini Burgers with Lemon Yogurt Sauce have amazing flavor. The yogurt sauce is a MUST so don’t skip it. I recommend using 1/2 the amount of cayenne and squeezing the extra moisture out of the zucchini. Next time I might serve them over a small scoop of farro or brown rice. I also had the idea of just serving it with a baked potato or french fries. Obviously the farro/rice idea undermines the whole grain-free thing I was going for, but hey, all things in moderation.

Grain-Free Recipe Roundup

Boulder Locavore Chinese Chicken Salad

You might have seen this Chinese Chicken Salad on my Instagram recently. It is light and crunchy, cold and refreshing. It keeps in the fridge really well without wilting since it’s comprised of mainly cabbage and carrots (Read: Healthy lunch for days!)

Guys this Buttermilk Ranch Potato Salad is the picnic food of heaven. Don’t just reserve this recipe for picnics though. This seriously ups your dinner game and would really impress company. Serve this alongside a roast chicken, maybe throw in a salad and you are golden.

On a kid related note:

Free Printable Kids Activities

FabNFree Printable ABC Pom Pom Activity Sheets

This easy DIY Alphabet activity provides endless hours of creativity and fun for toddlers. I printed out the free printables (so cute!) and my kids LOVED decorating them with multi-colored pom poms. I opted for one-time-use by letting my kids glue the pom poms to the pictures, but they had so much fun doing it that now I am motivated to make the reusable one in the tutorial.

Also, if you also have clumsy, sweaty little hands frequently handing you half mutilated bouquets of flowers with a beaming smile, you might, like me, grow a bit weary of finding places to stash these for the 60 minutes they are alive….or sigh heavily as you pick up all the wilted stems strewn around the house later. I thought this free printable was a great resource for two reasons:

Free Printable Kids Activities

It extends my child’s joy in their fresh pick because now they can decorate a vase to proudly display their bouquet. And secondly it gives me a designated place to put their gift, a place that looks far more appealing than drooping in an oversized vase or bundled on my counter. These would be a cute Mother’s Day thing for grandkids to give to Grandma.

Lastly, I added this book to my reading list:

Reading List

So I want to know what’s on your reading list? And what are your favorite grain-free recipes? See that comment section down there? That’s for joining in the conversation with me! Really. I would love it!

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