Read Cook Devour - Stephanie SmithI get excited about the really good parts of life: trying new things, unforgettable food, personal growth, and surviving really bad days so you know exactly how to make someone else feel better on theirs. 

I am only an expert in the way most of us are: by trial and error. I am quite opinionated, so that may be my particular expertise, but I think you’ll find that my opinions have weight, as I don’t easily settle.

I started Read Cook Devour because as a mom of tots I never get as many girls-nights-out, let alone unfragmented conversations as I might desire, but I felt like I always had something I wanted to tell my friends whenever I saw them— something neat I learned or the crazy idea I implemented that just happened to work out. So this is where I get excited about good things and gush to all of you because I envision you getting as excited as I do. Here on my blog you’ll get my take on the best recipes out there, the most useful things for your home, the gotta-haves for kiddos, and shopping tips you’ll wonder how you lived without!

Read Cook Devour - Stephanie SmithI am an eater, first and foremost, so I cook. I cook to eat the best food I can possibly make. I try to eat healthy, whole foods, but I also enjoy life, so yeah, I eat bread and occasionally candy, and definitely ice cream. Heck yes to ice cream.

I live a happy and moderate lifestyle, very blessed but also challenged currently to pinch pennies as my husband finishes his doctorate of pharmacy (1 year left!). I want to make the most of all my moments— the crazy, difficult ones, and the fun, rich ones. Jesus, my Savior, molds and shapes my decisions, my heart, and I hope, my blog.

Thanks for being on the other end of the conversation here at RCD, I hope to build on that conversation. I would love it if you subscribed so I can keep you posted on all the things I’m bursting to share with you, and you would absolutely make my day if you left me a comment or question. Looking forward to hearing from you!



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