Read Cook Devour - Stephanie Smith

I get excited about the really good parts of life: new adventures, unforgettable food, personal breakthroughs, and surviving bad days so you know how to make someone feel better on theirs.

I am always eager to share things I learn in hopes that others will benefit. As a mom, this space gives me that opportunity, uninhibited by the limitations of naptime and playdates.

The challenging experiment of everyday living requires a great deal of learning. I go about life in research mode: always looking for helpful insights, grasping at genius notions, and implementing revolutionary methods. Read Cook Devour is the “field journal” where I report my findings. Here you will find reliable recipes that make dinner worth it, tips for smart, frugal living, and sincere conversations about important heart matters.

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Earnestly, imperfectly, pursuing excellence,


Read Cook Devour - Stephanie Smith



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